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Excursion in school is like practical in sciences .It exposes pupils/students to the heart of concept which they might come across in the process of learning, studying, and discussions. It makes comprehension of concepts better and it is, when what has been learnt, studied or discussed is seen or witnessed that its knowledge sinks better. In light of this ,Mercyland International Schools apart from its rich academic tradition, but also recognize the worth of excursion as a co-curricular activity that exposes pupils/students to those events that could advance their rate of learning and acquisition of knowledge.

The school has a well-packaged program of excursion which provide the opportunities for pupils/students to have first-hand physical knowledge of most of  the things they might have learnt in class, read about, heard of and these in turn, enhances proper learning and understanding. Imagine the advantage a pupil/student who has been informed about; the process involved in producing drink, motorbike, sachet milk/water. Noodles and the fate of African fore-father who went through the agony of slavery  would have when he is taken to companies where such products are produced to witness the  process involved and the Badagry ‘’slave’’ Museum. No doubt, the knowledge would be whole and comprehensive.                                                                                            

Thus the Mercyland International Schools ensures that pupils/students embark on well coordinated, educative excursion trips from time to time . And this has gone a long way in aiding the children’s academic prowess. In fact , it is worthy of note that our pupils/students always go on excursions to places/locations within and outside the country .At every excursion embarked on in the school, we expose our students/pupils to diversities of environmental education, skill development, leadership skill building and so on .Thus, the 2011 Summer Holiday Excursion to Ghana was a thrilling and exciting one. Also the 2012 London Summer Holiday Trip was a success.                    

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