Mercyland Int'l Schools

"..........Education Par Excellence"


Total child development is utmost priority in this prestigious school. On Friday 28th September, 2018, the school celebrated the 58th anniversary of Nigerian’s Independence in a grand style. Pupil out in different cultural wears to celebrate the country.

Also a programme tagged TEA DAY was organized for our pupil with their parents/guardian and the second edition was held on Wednesday 5th December, 2018 in which the children learnt more about proper table manner while taking tea. We also had COLOUR/FRUIT WEEK organized for our pupil with their parents/guardians in attendance during the term. Pupil had the opportunity to exhibit their talents in Creative Art, Drawing, Colouring and painting, Palm printing, College, making of fruit bowl etc. Emphasis was also placed on Pupils’ identification and recognition of colours. Different kinds of fruits were displayed and served, and Pupils were educated on the importance of taking natural fruits.

Indeed, the Pupils with their parent/guardians had a lot of fun at the grand finale which come up on 26th October, 2018.